Lincoln’s sons, Robert & Tad

Two sons of America’s greatest president stayed overnight in Richmond.

Two years after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, his two surviving sons, Robert Todd and Thomas (Tad), stopped at the Main Street hotel, the Huntington House.

Robert Todd was 24 and Thomas, nicknamed ‘Tad,’ was fourteen.

The two youths were the last surviving children of the slain president.

Tad was born with a cleft palate so severe his diet was limited to foods that were easy to chew. This gave the cooks at the Huntington House a challenge, but they were eager to please the son of the man who served with distinction and gave his life during what many believe to be the nation’s greatest crisis.

He and Robert Todd were traveling with Senator James Harlen and family, and stayed in Richmond on July 26, 1867.

Ironically the marriage of Senator Harlan's only daughter, Mary, with Lincoln's only surviving son, Robert, produced the only heirs of Abraham Lincoln that survive to this day.

Mary was one of the family members staying at Richmond’s Huntington House that night.



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