Amelia Earhart

One of the 20th Century’s most remarkable women always recognized Richmond from the air.

When she visited on March 25, 1936 she procured some of our world-famous roses.

American aviator Amelia Earhart was the first women to cross the Atlantic alone. She visited on March 25, 1936 and spoke admiringly of viewing Richmond during her many passes by air.  

“I remember passing over Richmond in all my flights across the country. The city, on the national air lanes, is easily identifiable and beautiful.”

That night she spoke at the Coliseum and was onstage with a handful of Girl Scouts. One of the girls was without a seat so the famous aviator shared hers.

She spoke to the Richmond audience from the heart and shared her adventures from the air. “It is always a great relief to find my course is true. I hope it always is.”

Tragically a little more than a year later she was three-fourths through a planned flight around the world when she disappeared without a trace in the central Pacific Ocean.

But that day in Richmond, famed aviator Amelia Earhart shared a seat with a local Girl Scout, and inspired the Coliseum audience with her heartfelt love of flying.



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