Benjamin Harrison

The president who visited Richmond the lengthiest period of time also made history by participating in the country’s longest 19th Century jury trial at our courthouse.

Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd president of the United States. His 1888 election win was achieved by bribery and fraud in the two pivotal states, Indiana and New York, and it was a Richmond man who helped throw the election.

The treasurer of the Republican National Committee, William W. Dudley, was a Civil War hero from Richmond. He wrote a circular letter urging “bullying” tactics to ensure votes for Harrison, and thereafter had to be cautious in his travels because of his infamous ‘blocks of five’ scandal.

After Harrison’s presidential tenure he could often be seen in Richmond. In fact he made national headlines as a trial lawyer in the city’s socially scandalous ‘Morrisson Will Case,’ an ongoing soap opera for area residents and the longest jury trial of the 19th Century.

He also planted a sapling in Glen Miller Park on April 25, 1895.

The tree is marked with a plaque today.



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