Buffalo Bill

The world’s first superstar came to Richmond at least six times.

William Frederick Cody, aka Buffalo Bill, had ridden a pony express mail route and been a buffalo hunter and civilian scout for the military. Early in 1883 he formed his ‘Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show,’ exploiting the vanishing western life, a time and place in America like no other in world history.

He and his traveling Wild West Show appeared in Wayne County at least six times.

His last appearance in Richmond was on Sept.18, 1914 at the North 19th Street Fair Grounds, on which occasion he paid $1.25 for a long distance phone call at a local hotel. He had unloaded in the rain in the early morning hours before daylight to give two shows that day. When the skies cleared, townsfolk took the day off to enjoy a performance by the world’s most popular showman.

William Cody’s Wild West days were fading, as was the frontier that gave birth to his character. Early automobiles were on the streets of Richmond and the horse was on the way out.

He toured until 1916, and died on Jan. 10, 1917 at the age of seventy, after performing before crowned heads of Europe and American presidents… and in Richmond, Indiana.



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