Richard Nixon

The only President of the United States ever to resign in office visited Richmond and delivered a detailed message on the evils of Communism… that was quickly corrected by a local newspaper reporter.

Richard M. Nixon came to Richmond on May 14, 1949 to address the Foreign Affairs Institute at Earlham College.

The California congressman was a member of the house Un-American Activities Committee and uncovering ‘Red Menace’ activities threatening the world.

He hurled charges “of laxity” against the Justice Department because agents did not know a well-known “subversive” had boarded a ship and left the country.

A Palladium-Item reporter surprised Nixon with the information the Communist leader had been detained and was still in the United States.

Nixon huffed, “Good. It looks as if we may be starting to get somewhere,” and shrugged it off.

Nixon later became the 37th president of the United States and the only chief executive to resign from office.

Although he left office in disgrace, he won respect for his foreign policy.

His early fame for warning about the “commie menace” in this country was why he was in Richmond. But he also “stood corrected” by a local reporter.


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