Robert F. Kennedy

One of the greatest figures in 20th century American politics dropped by Richmond for a three-hour whirlwind tour.

In two months he would die at the hands of an assassin.

Senator Robert Kennedy worked his way though a receiving line of supporters at the Richmond Municipal Airport in April 28, 1968. Soon after, he was taken directly to the explosion site at 6th and Main Streets, where he spent ten minutes with officials discussing the 1968 explosion that made world headlines.

Kennedy complimented the way Richmond worked together as a community during the April 6th disaster and said the city’s courage was exemplary for all people in the nation.

Robert Kennedy was one of the country’s best and brightest, but he never got the chance to complete his bid for the presidency.

Like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, he would die violently at the hands of an assassin.

He would be shot and killed in Los Angeles two months later on June 5, 1968 while campaigning for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.



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