Mary E. Hill (1877-1958)
Born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Mary Hill came to Richmond in 1920.  In the 1940s, while caring for her blind and ailing sister, she realized that the community had a growing need for a nursing facility for older women.  With the aid of local churches, she turned her own home into such a facility, and on January 18, 1948 the Mary E. Hill Nursing Home for Aged Colored Women became a reality.  In 1950, Hill deeded the property around her home to the facility, and an addition was constructed and opened in 1955.  It was expanded again in 1967.  The facility had to close in 1974, because it was not able to provide a sprinkler system required by state regulations.  Wayne County Commissioners bought the property and renovated it to serve as a juvenile care shelter.  It became known as the Mary E. Hill Youth Home.

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