Arlington Hotel
901 North E Street

c. 1900
The Arlington Hotel opened in 1877, but the building was built in the late 1860s as a wholesale grocery building. In 1901 the owner, E. G. Vaughn, remodeled extensively, adding a fourth floor and extending it eastward to touch the Adam H. Bartel Co. building


The Arlington's location nearly across the street from the Pennsylvania Depot ensured its success for many years. During World War II it hosted a USO headquarters.

In the early 1950s the state built the 9th Street Overpass over the tracks, and the new roadway passed very near the building, which by then was called the Huron Hotel. The proximity of the road made it undesirable as a hotel, and its business declined.

c. 1958

In 1956, the Adam H. Bartel Co. bought the building and tore it down to make a parking lot for its employees and customers.

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