remodeling Update at MRL

As part of a renovation plan started in 2015, MRL will remodel the Youth Services Area in March of 2023. With each phase of our remodel, we’re investing time and energy to give patrons an energized and engaging experience while modernizing services and spaces.

Youth Services will remain open during the remodel. Library staff will operate out of a temporary space beginning on February 27th in the Tiffany Reading Room on the library’s Main Level. Storytimes, programs, books, and reader’s advisory services will continue to operate in this area. Puzzles, toys, and games will not be available for checkout or in-house use during this 3-week closure. Staff will be ready to help patrons find reading materials, signup for services, and offer the friendly service patrons are accustomed to.  

With a focus on remodeling one of our busiest library sections, Youth Services will have a new layout featuring flexible spaces to advance efficiency and support our expanded in-person programming and age-appropriate leisure zones. During the renovation, we are expanding internet access, electrical upgrades, installing new flooring, and improving other aesthetics, sure to excite our youngest patrons. 

At MRL, our core purpose is to fulfill patrons’ lives with an engaging and meaningful visit to our community library. We’re excited to take this commitment to the next level by offering this fun and energizing space for youth and their caregivers. Thanks to each of you in advance for your patience while this section is being remodeled.

The project is partially funded by the federal E-rate Category 2 program.  The library is working with Synergetics from Cloverdale, Indiana, and locally with Ryan’s Flooring. The construction will use an innovative below-carpet cabling solution called Connectrac which allows us to maximize electrical and wired internet capabilities throughout the space. Our plan attempts to address all of our current needs and to build in maximum adaptability to handle any future adventures that come our way. This project has been 18 months in the making, and we’re excited to introduce our community to a new flexible, functional, and fun space on March 22nd. A Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting with the Chamber of Commerce is planned for March 22nd.