MRL is an Evergreen Library!

Morrisson-Reeves Library is now part of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium! This means that beginning on April 30th you will have access to nearly 8 million items from various libraries across Indiana with your MRL card.

Our library has always been dedicated to improving the lives of our community through knowledge, learning, and access to information. By joining the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium, we are taking a huge step toward achieving this goal.

What is Evergreen?

Evergreen Indiana is a growing consortium of over 130 public, school, and institutional libraries located throughout Indiana. This resource-sharing initiative provides cost savings for the library and access to almost 8 million items for over 1.5 million Indiana residents.

Patrons of member libraries can use their Evergreen Indiana library card to borrow materials from the other member libraries. This means that you can use your MRL card to request and borrow books, movies, music, and more from any other participating library in Indiana.

Benefits of joining Evergreen

The decision to join the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium was made with our community in mind. We believe that this partnership will bring numerous benefits to our patrons, including:

  • Expanded collection: As a member of Evergreen, our patrons now have access to millions of items from other libraries across Indiana. This means that you will have a greater variety of materials to choose from, whether it’s books, movies, or music.
  • Cost savings: By joining the consortium, we will save on costs associated with cataloging and processing materials. This allows us to invest more in our other services, events, and space improvements for our patrons.
  • Seamless borrowing: Borrowing materials from other libraries is seamless with Evergreen. Simply use your MRL card to place holds and check out materials. Our online catalog will show materials housed at MRL and also materials from other libraries participating in Evergreen.

What changes?

With the transition to Evergreen, there will be a few changes for our patrons. These include:

  • A new online catalog: Our online catalog now displays materials from both MRL, other Evergreen libraries, and our digital libraries like Libby. The catalog has an updated, modern interface and is available at
  • Changed borrowing periods: With the expanded collection, there may be changes in borrowing periods for materials from other libraries. Most items can be checked out for three weeks at a time.
  • Increased number of checked-out materials:  With your MRL Evergreen card, your total check-out limit increases to 100 items at a time with some limitations to specific items. This means that you can borrow more materials and make the most out of your library membership.

What stays the same?

We want to assure our patrons that while there may be some changes, many things will stay the same. This includes:

  • Library services: Our library will continue to offer the same great services as before, such as computer access, printing, and access to Libby.
  • Library card: Your current MRL card will still be valid and can now also be used at other Evergreen libraries. You will need to come into the library to receive an Evergreen sticker on your current library card.
  • MRL remains fine-free: Morrisson-Reeves Library will continue to be fine-free, meaning you won’t have to worry about late fees for materials borrowed from our library. 

Borrowing Changes

With the transition to Evergreen several material borrowing limits have changed, including checkout limits, and circulation durations. The chart below shows borrowing rules for various library materials.

Material TypeCheck Out LimitsCirculation DurationRenewal Limit
Books1003 weeks2
New Books1002 weeks1
Audio Books1003 weeks2
Magazines1002 weeks1
Single Disc DVDs101 week1
Multi DVDs & Binge Boxes22 weeks1
Music CDs1003 weeks1
Puzzles & Toys23 weeks1
Adult Tabletop Games22 weeks1
Hot Spots11 week1
Sharing Center21 week0
All patron accounts are limited to a total of 100 items checked out at any given time.

There are no fees for any library material. There are still replacement fees for materials that are not returned.

Other Wayne County Libraries

The other libraries in Wayne County are already members of Evergreen. This means that our patrons can now also borrow materials from these libraries using their MRL cards. Patrons of those Wayne County libraries can also borrow materials from MRL without the need for a reciprocal library card.


What is Evergreen Indiana?

Evergreen Indiana is a collaborative network of over 100 public, school, and institutional libraries across the state of Indiana sharing resources through an integrated library system (ILS), known as Evergreen. Member libraries grant patrons access to a vast catalog of materials from member libraries.

When is MRL switching to Evergreen?

Morrisson-Reeves Library joined Evergreen Indiana on April 30, 2024.

How does this switch benefit me as an MRL cardholder?

By joining the Evergreen program, MRL cardholders will gain access to millions more materials, which can be viewed and borrowed from other member libraries throughout Indiana.

Can I use my current MRL library card with Evergreen Indiana?

Yes, your existing MRL library card will allow you to access the catalogs and borrow materials from other Evergreen Indiana member libraries, starting April 30th.

Will I continue to be able to use Libby and Overdrive?

Yes! The switch to Evergreen won’t impact the Libby app or Overdrive. You’ll continue to be able to use Libby to download ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines with your MRL account.

Where can I find a list of all member libraries?

You can view the full list of participating libraries by visiting the Member Libraries page.

Will this transition to Evergreen affect my current checkouts or holds?

All current checkouts will remain in place during the transition. However, we advise patrons to complete any holds before the switch. There may be a short delay in hold fulfillment as the system updates, but these services will resume promptly after the switch.

What happens to my account during the switch? Will I need to create a new one?

Your account will be automatically transferred to the Evergreen system. There is no need to create a new one. There will be a temporary account freeze between April 24th and April 30th while the switch to Evergreen is in progress.

How will the switch to Evergreen change the way I search for and reserve books?

The search and reservation process will become more streamlined and user-friendly with Evergreen’s integrated catalog. You’ll be able to easily search for and reserve books from a larger selection across all member libraries.

There will be a new catalog with a new web address. You will need to update your bookmark to the new catalog.

Are there any changes to the loan periods or the number of materials I may check out?

Loan periods are standardized across the Evergreen Indiana network, so there will be slight adjustments to our current policies.

How can I access other libraries’ catalogs once MRL becomes part of Evergreen?

After the transition to Evergreen, materials from MRL and other Evergreen libraries will show automatically in the MRL catalog.

Is there an app I can use to access the Evergreen catalog?

Yes, Evergreen has a mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can search the catalog, place holds on materials, and manage your account all from your phone or tablet. Download the app for your device here.