Print from Anywhere.
Send your documents to the library and print upon your arrival.


Now you can print from anywhere using the library’s wireless printing service. Send us documents from your computer, phone or tablet, then come to the library to pick them up. It costs just 10¢ for a black & white page and 25¢ for a color page. You can 2 sided copies as well.

It sometimes can take several minutes for documents to process through this feature.

To print from any device with internet access:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a printer option.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Choose the file or url you want to print.
  5. Click the green print button.
  6. A confirmation will be sent to you.
  7. Go to the library.
  8. Log on to the self-serve print kiosk using the same email address as above.
  9. Follow the instructions.

To print from a mobile device:

To print an email message or an attachment, simply forward your email to the appropriate link listed below:

Go to the library’s self-serve print kiosk or ask for assistance at the Main Service Desk.

Click release a print job and enter the email address that your document was sent from.