Accredited Schools Online
Today hundreds of schools with online accreditation make quality online learning available to millions. Whether it is K-12, college or master’s online learning can make a difference. Use Accredited Online School to find the best fit of an online education for you. Vocational and Medical program are included. Search by state or area of interest. Scholarship information is available in the resource tab.

Addiction CounselorAddiction Counselor
The decision to become an addiction counselor is not one to take lightly. If you wish to work on the front lines of a national crisis, you will need to take the proper steps towards that goal. This page is here to help. Continue reading to learn the steps you need to take to become an addictions counselor.


College Resources
On our page, users can find schools based on state, subject, degree level and religious affiliation. On many of these pages, we created affordability rankings to help students find value in post-secondary education and limit the need for burdensome school loans. Also available is our in-depth online college guidebook which speaks to the latest, best practices in online learning.


Guide to Top Accredited Online MBA and Resources
The goal of this new guide is to help prospective students make more informed decisions when selecting a graduate program.


FAFSA on the Web
The U.S. Department of Education’s financial aid web site – info. on the financial aid process plus an online financial aid form you can submit.

Go Grad

Obtaining a master’s degree online has many benefits when compared with attending traditional classes at a college or university. Affordability, convenience and the ability to approach course content with personalized learning styles all make the pursuit of the online master’s increasingly popular. More and more often, schools are beginning to offer courses that are entirely online, or that are a hybrid of online and onsite learning. Go Grad is your guide to online graduate programs. You will also find online PHD Programs, MBA scholarships and a graduate exam resource center.
List of Graduate Programs for those who wish to pursue a graduate degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.



Indiana Guide to Business EducationIndiana Guide to Business Education
Indiana is home to several well-known institutions of higher learning, including Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame. Nearly all offer online courses, and many host programs that are administered completely online. The state’s high-quality universities, dynamic economy, and steady growth make it a great place to pursue an online MBA.



Online Colleges in Indiana
See an overview of online colleges in Indiana. Powerful resources to assist you with college selection.




Peterson College Search Tool
List of Graduate Programs for those who wish to pursue a graduate degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.


World Book encyclopediaThe suite may be accessed without a library while you are browsing inside the library. Simply key in your library card number if you wish to access the service at home, the office or anywhere there is wifi.

World Book is dedicated to providing timely, reliable, and readable educational products that foster a deep desire to learn in students of all ages. World Book Online hosts thousands of articles, as well as hundreds of maps, videos, and other media for an immersive learning experience. Teacher resources, curriculum correlations, learning standards, and other useful tools for educators are included across all databases.

World Book Kids

World Book Student

World Book Web

World Book Discovery

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