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Computer Classes are Free at MRL
Registration is Required to Attend.

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Basic Core Classes:

Three-day course designed for the non-computer user or for those with limited computer experience; we will identify the parts of the computer system, storage media, and software available in our computer lab at the library. Instructions will include the start-up and shut-down of a computer, using a mouse, fundamentals of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, and the basics of using the internet.

Three-day course that covers the basics of document creation, editing, and formatting. This class will also cover outlining, and creating professional business letters and résumés. Prerequisite Class: Intro to Computers


Advanced Classes:

A fun 1.5-hour class where we will learn the features of Google Earth including placemarks, polygons, paths, and street views. We will work with coordinates and addresses to help you plan your summer vacation or future travels and determine distances between locations. We can even take a virtual trip to Bora Bora.
Prerequisite Class: Basic Computer Skills

2.5-hour course about learning how to use email. We will set-up Gmail accounts, send and receive email, and work with attachments (send pictures and documents). You will also learn the differences between CC and BCC.

Two-hour course discussing current social network sites, emphasizing the most popular one: Facebook. We will set-up Facebook accounts and then use them to learn about posting notices and images, in addition to sending private messages.
Prerequisite Class: Basics or Equivalent

Three-day course covering how to insert and work with pictures, images, clip art, charts, and text boxes. We will also learn how to work with tables, hyperlinks, and mail merge.
Prerequisite Class: Microsoft Word

Two-day course that covers how to create, edit, format, and print basic spreadsheets. You will also create formulas, use “AutoFill”, make charts/graphs, and transfer information from one spreadsheet to another.
Prerequisite Class: Microsoft Word

One-day course that covers creating slide show presentations on the computer screen that can be projected for a presentation. Learn to enter text, ClipArt, sounds, and music to make a presentation that is enhanced with formatting and transitions.
Prerequisite Class: Microsoft Word

Two-hour course focusing on design and layering of custom documents such as greeting cards, business cards, certificates and calendars with Microsoft Publisher. We are now using Microsoft Office 2016.
Prerequisite Class: Microsoft Word

2.5-hour course utilizing an existing Gmail account to create a simple but effective personal website utilizing Google Sites.
Prerequisite Class: eMail Basics or comparable knowledge and a Gmail account.

Adobe Photoshop Elements
2.5-hour course learning brand new software available at MRL. The student will obtain a better understanding of pixels and image file formats and work with editing and organizing photos. We will use filters, layers, and selections to adjust the color, contrast, clarity, and quality of your photos. There is no prerequisite, but students will certainly want to have a working basic knowledge of computers and may want to bring some of their own photos on a flash drive to work with.

New classes are being planned!
Video Editing



Please read before registering for classes!

Seating is limited in the computer lab. To take any of our computer training classes, you must register at a Service Desk, in person or by phone at 765-966-8291 or through our website.

If you call the Library or drop by to register for a training session and the session is already full, you may be placed on a waiting list for that particular session.


For the sake of others wanting to take computer training and are not able to register for classes due to full registration, please call or email us us as soon as you know that you will not be able to attend a session for which you are registered so that your slot is made available to someone else.

A student will lose his or her seat if not arriving within the first 15 minutes of class.