Halloween Hits

31 days in October…31 days ‘til Halloween!

Join us for a seasonal celebration of tricks and treats, as we take a daily look at selections from our collection of Halloween, Hits on DVD and some titles are available to stream on hoopla. Follow MRL’s Facebook page for a new title listed each day. https://www.facebook.com/MRLibrary We hope to provide you with a mix of the old and the new, allowing you to sample some familiar favorites, as well as more recent releases or obscure and overlooked offerings. Here you will find original tales, as well as films based on novels and short stories. There might even be the odd title or two based on actual paranormal events, for those who dare disbelieve!

The horror genre covers a lot of unhallowed ground, making it hard to pick just a few. Criteria included popularity, durability, as well as the part each title played in the history of horror. Be it spirits, slashers, or experiments gone wrong, we’ve tried to find something for everyone. And, of course, vampires, werewolves, and an assortment of other creatures too numerous to mention will be on hand… possibly licking their chops over your hand! There’s a lot to be said for finger food.

Speaking of hands, you’ll find a handful of familiar faces and names among the cast and crew as our month-long matinee plays out: Adrienne Barbeau, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Jamie Lee Curtis, Joe Dante, John Carpenter, Peter Cushing, and Vincent Price…even Charlie Brown makes a guest appearance. I hope you will join them, and me, every day in October until All Hallows’ Eve arrives. “The more the merrier,” as they say. Or would “The more the scarier” be more appropriate?

Turn on the TV, chill the cider, pop the corn… and make the Morrisson-Reeves Library a part of the party!

Bob Statzer