Shop on Amazon and donate to MRL

Morrisson-Reeves Library (MRL) has a convenient way that you can support the library while you’re shopping online at Simply go to the Library’s homepage at and click on the BUY IT NOW button.

Shop to your hearts content. You can shop for: books, movies, furniture, ice skates or anything sold on Amazon. Just make sure you start through the BUY IT NOW clickable link on the library’s website. A portion of the purchase price is returned to MRL.

Using BUY IT NOW doesn’t cost library users or the library any extra money, and a portion of any purchases made through BUY IT NOW purchases are returned directly to the library to help fund the Online Catalog powered by SirsiDynix. The Online Catalog is a costly annual expense for the library.

The BUY IT NOW feature is also integrated into the library’s online public catalog. Materials that you see in the library’s catalog can be reserved if they are currently checked out by other patrons. If you simply can’t wait for the item to become available or you want to purchase your own copy, you can click on the BUY IT NOW button and purchase it for yourself through Again, a portion of the purchase price is returned to the library.


Does it cost anything?
No. It’s free for our patrons and for the library. No additional costs are applied at any point in the
process. The items you purchase cost exactly the same as they would for any other shopper.

Does it only work with books?
Can I buy anything on and it counts towards library funding?
Yes. You can buy anything you wish on and it counts for library funding. A BUY IT NOW button / access point is on the website Users can click on that button and access This link puts a code on the purchase so that the library benefits from the purchase. Users can buy anything the retailer offers. For example, users can use to buy books, movies, video games, home and garden supplies, clothes, or even furniture!

Does the library know what I’m buying?
No. There is no record of purchases given to the library.

Am I buying the book or item for the library?
No. Any items purchased through the library’s BUY IT NOW feature are paid for by the patron and are
for the patron’s personal use.

Is this the same as recommending or requesting a title for the library to buy?
No. The library has no record of purchases made via the BUY IT NOW feature. Title purchase requests
still need to be done through the “Make a Recommendation” link in the online public catalog or at a
Main Service Desk.